I want to build an Arduino driven 6DOF motion platform Load about 700 kg

I have all the parts to assemble a full-size Boeing 767 cockpit. This will have 2 seats, a metal floor hiding connected yokes & synchronized pedals. The entire load including 2 pilots would be arround 500kg for satiety margin of about 200 pounds for big guys as well as wood enclosure & brushed aluminum finish over the wood.

I need to get hold of appropriate electric actuators for this load. I would love to get the code for this. I can do the interface etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have a pretty good understanding of electronics, but mainly in RF, transmitters, oscillators, receivers. Never worked with stepper motors, but I know how they work.
Any guardian angel out there?
Thanks in advance!


I would love to get the code for this.

I read through all of your requirements. Here's the code that implements them all.

void setup()

void loop()

As new requirements come up, you can easily add them.