I want to make a USB analog joystick.

I am Japanese. Please call me "ma2". I, for the disease called cerebral hemorrhage, using only one hand. Illness before, it was like "fps". However, "fps" is difficult in one hand. One-handed keyboard (ex: Razer made​ Orbweaber) + ( I want to USB analog joystick) plus Arduino Uno. If the two in the game and prove to be comfortable, and it was thought. Things that I thought I need it tried to align. First of all, I want you to tell me that you are not wrong.

It is a beginner, thank you.

USB Analog?? USB is a digital interface. ThumbStick is a digital switch device.

Thanks for reading. I want to reproduce to have "DUALSHOCK" attached to the "PS2" of Sony. Not knowing what to write in English I wrote and "analog".

ma2kaz: Thanks for reading. I want to reproduce to have "DUALSHOCK" attached to the "PS2" of Sony. Not knowing what to write in English I wrote and "analog".

I've experimented a lot with both PlayStation 2 controllers and Wii Nunchucks.

I'd think the Wii Nunchuck would be a good one handed game controller. It should be possible to use a microcontroller to change the Nunchuck's output to resemble the output of a PS 2 controller.

The second PS2 joystick could be assigned to the Nunchuck's accelerometer.

I'm not sure what to do about the D-pads.

What sort of controller did you have in mind?

Does it need to have a USB interface?

Edit: Here's some demo code for the Wii Nunchuck.

I , I 'm doing on the computer "fps". There is a need to connect to a PC via USB.

In another forum , "UNO" USB interface can not be used only for debugging, and it was taught. In order to be recognized as a joystick, it taught me the need for a "USB Host Shield".

In addition , the title you are playing now is " Battlefield 4 ". How If we carefully look at , glad it was found and there are a plurality of " analog button ". Near the one hand keyboard, you want to place the analog button that can be fixed.

Thank you for the question.

You say you need it to act like a USB HID joystick (ie, a normal joystick like you'd plug into a USB port)?

For that, you do not want a USB Host shield. That's for making an Arduino act as USB host (so you could plug in a USB device, like a joystick, and use it to control something in the Arduino - but that's not what you want is it?).

Instead, you should use an Arduino board with native USB like the Leonardo or Micro (both based on the atmega32u4) - that can be programmed to appear as a USB joystick. There are many articles discussing this - for a start, google: arduino leonardo hid joystick.