I want to play mp3 without a shield.

I want to do that: by using the uno and Leonardo of Arduino.

  • I want to use the screen of TFT
  • I was playing the mp3(or ogg)

For reasons of size , " shield " of the mp3 is the use wards.
This time , I have a question about the mp3 playback.


Impossible. The Uno or Leonoardo does not have enough memory to decode a single frame of the MP3-codec.
Also, it's too slow.

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Plus, there's no digital-to-analog converter.

And, if you need to multitask (such as updating the TFT display or respond to user input while the sound is playing) that at least requires a buffer and it's really helpful to offload the timing and processing to some separate hardware. (Computers have a soundcard or sound chip.)

Quote: "Uno ... reasons of size ..."

You can't get there from here. Start again with a smaller Arduino such as a Teensy. The Teensy's Audio Shield is appropriately tiny, as the name suggests.

Or, if you want it fully code-compatible with the Uno, you could use an Arduino Pro Mini or Nano - both much smaller, as the name implies - along with an external MP3-player board (not a shield). Such boards can be had from adafruit/sparkfun, or more cheaply and with less documentation from ebay sellers. There are a lot of different designs for MP3 player shields.

The Uno and the "shields" are very bulky, but that's just a consequence of their making it easy for you to connect everything. Most shields only use a few of the pins, and neither the shields nor the Uno board make efficient use of the space on the board. They're not meant to be small - that wasn't something they tried to do in the design of the Uno or the shield specification.

It was examined "MP3 decoder VS1053b".
Will this can not be used?
I do not put long because the previous work.

I'm sorry.


Something like that. VS1053 are all dancing and singing, even has midi synth.
Get a breakout board as it needs few stuff, something like this:

Yes you can use this chip but your original question implied you did not want to use any external hardware.