I2C Communication between Arduino Uno and Cypress CY8C20160 Capacitive Sensor

Hi guys.

I've been having some problem trying to communicate Arduino Uno and Cypress CY8C20160 Touch Sensor via I2C. I'm designing a touch PCB with some buttons, and this Cypress chip is going to sense the buttons and drive some leds.

Arduino wire.h library uses a 7-bit addrassing protocol. The CY8C20160 datahseet says it that the chip uses a 7-bit protocol too. But there is a 8-bit variation to inform whether writing or reading.

I'am also confused how to read sensor readings, how to set up a pwm pulse, how to define if the IO is output signal or input reading...

Has anyone used something like that before?


Cypress CY8C20160 Datasheet: http://www.cypress.com/?docID=44403



Thanks dude!

Thats gonna help a lot.