I2C stops working on Due

I am using Arduino Due to communicate with ADXL355 accelerometer using I2C protocol. I can read registers from accelerometer with no problem but when I want to write to an internal register of the accelerometer the I2C works in normal mode as attached image but after a couple of loops in the code it stops working because the clock line on I2C is somehow not working probably. Here is the code:

void loop()

Wire.beginTransmission(0x1D); //0x1D is the I2C address for accelerometer
Wire.write(0x2D); //0x2D is the power control register of the accelerometer I want to write to
Wire.write(0x00); //0x00 is the value I want to write to the power control register
Wire.endTransmission(); //End I2C


delay(1) is probably not long enough for that accelerometer to respond to every request. Give it a longer delay to see if it is a timing problem.