I2S and Arduino Sound libraries with MKR1000

I have problem with new [I2S ](http://libraries arduino.cc/en/Reference/I2S)and Arduino Sound
Main problem is that I can’t get (output) examples to work.
First thing is that I do not get any I2S initializing errors when nothing is connected to my MKR. In fact I do not get any messages that should been sent via serial in setup function (also i added some more for debugging and also nothing).
Second thing is that even without any additional device connected I managed to get some data sent via serial in input examples just by touching connectors (clap detected in clapping demo and some random numbers instead of zeros in serial plotter). I believe that this is because some RF rubbish made by my body. But I didn’t get any I2S related info from setup function.
And the last thing is that I have polish clone of that TS4657 DAC that have MCK line in addition to WS CLK and SD.

I believe that LRCLK=LRC, BCLK=BCLK, SDAT=DIN, and MCLK is master clock which should be 256 times faster than sampling freq.
I didn’t get that board to working. I tried to connect MCLK to pin12 (which is PA9) because Atmels datasheet says it’s MCLK for I2S[0] which include 3,2,and A6 pins used in libraries.
I also tried with MCLK not connected, but that didn’t help.

So my questions are: are those libraries working with other DACs? And is it possible to use I2S device which needs MCLK signal with tchem or what should I do to be able to use my TS4657 DAC?