IDC 6 pin Female Socket in the UK!?!?!

Anyone know where i can get a IDC 3x2 and 5x2 Female Sockets for a ISP?

My wonderful regular shop (shameless plug ) do not stock them, and cant find any on ebay.

The ones I got whit my mega header where cut up larger headers.
Bascily you buy a 40 pin female remove one of the the pins with a pair of pliers and use a saw or dremel to cut it at the spot where you removed the pin.

Try Maplin for the 5x2

I agree 3x2 IDC crimp sockets are hard to find.

Here’s some on ebay though - ignore the photo

5x2 is relatively more common - even my local aussie bricks’n’mortar shops have them

Or Farnell

Try Toby Electronics, they have quite a few connectors which I was unable to get elsewhere.

They are actually fairly local to me, and have been good enough to hand deliver each order that I placed on the internet, really impressed with them :slight_smile: