IDE 1.8.10 Theme

Hope this is the right forum for this question. Pardon if not. Newbie.

In theme.txt, which section controls the color for these characters, { ( ![ $ @, and numbers like 1 2 3.

Right now they are default black and I am using a dark background resulting in these characters almost illegible. I have experimented with various changes all to no avail.

Appreciate any help.



I have written some documentation for the Arduino IDE theme system, as well as a dummy library and example sketch for testing all theme properties here:

Note that, in addition to theme.txt, some theme properties are also defined in syntax/default.xml.

You probably already know, but just to be sure I'll mention thatyou need to restart the Arduino IDE before the changes you make to the files take effect.

Here is a screenshot of the example sketch that has the theme property names for each editor text coloration in the comments: