IDE does not see Vidor4000

I just got a Vidor 4000 and after setting it up and trying a few examples I decided to test the draw logo example.
The sketch compiled and uploaded fine but I could not see any logo on the HDMI monitor connected.

Since then, I have tried connecting my Vidor to a Linux and a Windows computer and neither of them seem to see the vidor, i.e. the port does not appear under tools>port.
The green light on the vidor is constantly on, when connected to USB.

So far I have tried:
-Different USB cables
-Different computers running IDE 1.8.7 on Ubuntu 18.04, Win 10 and Win 7 (always through a USB 2)
-Pressing the blue reset button on the vidor
-Double tapping the reset button
-Restarting computers
-Connecting and disconnecting vidor with the IDE open or not
-On linux checked ttyACM

My Arduino uno works fine.
Unfortunately, until I can get a port for my vidor I cannot try the FPGA recovery.

Anything else I could try?

i had the same problem, until i realized that i need to get rid of the conductive foam that the vidor comes with. Then it worked.
Double tapping is still necessary, for uploading new sketches. But on a newer PC it works without the double tapping thing... its mentioned anywhere here, that there´s an issue regarding connectivity with certain pc´s and that they are working on it.

thank you very much.
I had it on an old breadboard (which I thought was fine) as soon as I lifted it the vidor started working again.
Thanks again.