IDE now slow to load & respond

For the last week I'm finding the IDE (1.0.5) very slow to load up and even slower to have clicks on the toolbar responding.
I'm running Win 7.
I have started PC in Windows Safe Mode to prevent other programs loading & the problems goes away. Obviously there is another startup program causing the problem.

Question - Has any one else experienced this problem & if so have you found the cause?


my best guess is java. Try 'kill' it (taskmanager/process) jusced../ javaw../ any other java related


Followed advice from posts:

  • Clearing out JAVA apps made no difference but is something to look at whenever there is problems.
  • Looked for Bluetooth posibilities - remember a week ago installed an app Blue Terminal but this did nothing BUT then I tried removing a BlueTooth dongle that has been plugged into a spare USB port for a long time & PRESTO ..... I can now run the IDE with correct / expected response times.

I'm in Australia & was impressed to get a response from Sweden within 7 minutes then another promptly from Scotland..... Thanks guys

This morning with a clear mind I thought that I would back track on some of my earlier diagnosis of last night.

I've reinstalled Blue Terminal (Bluetooth terminal program - free version available at ) and then discovered that I can "bring on the fault / clear the fault" just by plugging & removing my USB Bluetooth dongle as recommended by spycatcher2k.