IDE Support to Nano Every


I received my new Arduino Nano Every today, which has the ATMEGA4809.

I have the latest Arduino IDE, 1.8.9, however i cant find support for the Nano Every.

I have searched for "Arduino nano every ide" and cant really find any information on how to update support for the new board.

help please :slight_smile:

install the megaavr boards package

thank you. I had found that answer too -> i just could not reply due to the 5 min restriction :slight_smile:

how can I load it to he old IDE 1.0.6 ?


Is there a specific reason you are on such an old IDE ?

There are ways to manually install boards but for a long time now the newer IDE’s have had the ability to download the cores themselves.

Certainly not 100% sure an IDE that old would work well with the package either as there have been so many changes since that version.