Identify running sketch

how can I identify what sketch is running on a board??

I generally do not use all the memory in the part so in the hello message I add the file name, version and revision. This I always send to the terminal and the display if there is one. This has save my sanity more then once.

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Get your sketch to flash a unique ID in Morse code using LED_BUILTIN.

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It takes some time to find out the need. Which sketch, which version is running on this board. I have probably 10 different UNOs doing different things. What was the code.....
Doing as gilshultz says and adding a suitable delay, 5 - 10 seconds before the sketch takes command, quickly pays off.

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A label.
Then you don’t even have to connect it up.

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I serial.print the file name from setup
If i have a display i show it on that.

I tried using a blink but the message was. Big toe send cheese.
I think maybe i did something wrong there.

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In your setup do something like this;

void setup() {

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tape a sticker onto the chip … and ready



does not work for me.
I'm running 1.8..... something.
Is what i have to use.

You're kidding?
The F() macro has been here since like, what, 1.0?


I created a new thread in programming questions so I would not hijack this thread.
and posted the example program and all the error codes when trying to compile.

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