Idle state power saving methods

Dear all
I have the below-listed sensor connected to the Arduino board.

heart sensor


I have this type of sensor for the application. I wanted to save power when they are not in use . How can save power here

What is your Arduino board ?

The BLE might use onl a small current when not needed. The BLE is made to use little current. Perhaps it also has a command for sleep mode. I did not look into that.
The heart sensor uses a led, you could power that sensor via a output pin, and turn it off when it is not needed.
Do you know how much current the accelerometer needs ? It is only 350 µA according to the datasheet.

for proto ESP8266 module or ardunino NanO BLE

Since its monitoring application. planning to use a monitoring sensor like an accelerometer, gyrosensor this device will be active when underused else it must be inactive.

Planning to search for some i2c devices so that writing code became easy. But my question is how to make sleep when no use.


gyro sensor

ppg sensor

The Arduino Nano BLE can output 15mA with a digital pin. That might be enough for the heart sensor. Can you try to find how much current that sensor needs ?

What is a proto ESP8266 module ?

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i have few more question here
I have gone through some article

  1. Every MCU will have deep sleep mode. by using deep sleep mode we can make cpu in sleep mode .. so that it wont generate any clock and data signal during operation.
    My question is
    1 what is power consumed when MCU under deep sleep mode
    2 Is deep sleep mode is recommended for such application
    3 Is it true deep sleep mode not recommended for such application

  2. assume if i wont opt the deep sleep mode; Since i am using I2c based slave device. if use I2c_stop() or i2c sleep instruction weather i can save power

Is there any hardware driver to turn on and turn off my sensor here. Since I found smart health product have LED might be ambient sensor which is used for display power . i found them blinking while lift and use it. Based on the LED state Weather I2C slave can be turned on and turned off here

Few people suggest make SDA signal low so . when its idle ...
These are collection of data from few forums. Kindly give some expert suggestion here

It's being staged. i am exploring things here Website watch ex but it won't have any health measuring parameter like HeartBeat ECG/PPG I found its compact design.
kindly recommend the sensor if u have any suggestions I prefer low power

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