If/when for use on Ipad

Thanks for inviting me to try the new web ide.

Loaded it on my pc this morning and took a quick look around, looks nice.
But where I could really use this is on my IPad.

Any idea if/when we might see it available for use there?

It already works on iPad

Sorry for the late reply.

You're correct that the IDE is working. It's the plugin ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1-OSX-installer.dmg
That isn't loading.

I get a pop up saying the plugin isn't working and that I can't upload until it is.
Click help and it asks if I see the plugin icon. I don't so I download it and I get a file I cannot open.

Not really Apple savvy so it's likely my fault. I keep losing this post every time I move away from it so I can only say that my pad is fully updated.

EDIT: IOS ver. 9.3.2

Having a iOS CreateAgent would be cool.
The current one is not for iOS.

On iOS you can just write code, save it and do file system operations. You can also verify your code but you cannot upload it on your board.

What is the missing piece needed to enable code uploading from iOS?

Is there a tracking issue for this RFE somewhere? Is there a more recent discussion I can contribute to?

BTW, I'm new to Arduino but I've been a fan of web-based IDE for several years. Thanks for bringing web IDE to Arduino!

Hi @joebowbeer,

What is missing to have it working on iOS is a nice Serial API right now not present in iOS. The only piece of software which resembles our Arduino Create Plugin is GitHub - rsms/peertalk: iOS and Mac Cocoa library for communicating over USB but we are very far to implement it and not in our roadmap yet.

We will keep monitoring the iOS API status and let you know if we will have any update.

Thank you for using Arduino Create Editor and FYI if you love Web-Based IDE I also worked to create the Cloud9 IDE in the past :wink: I am sure you know it.