iLCD and Arduino Due

Hey guys,

I'm trying to create an app to control and visualize a rotative sonar panel following the sun and I have an iLCD display and an Arduino Due. I already created the program to gather the different informations about the panel etc... but know I need to display these informations on the iLCD display.

I have no idea on how to use Arduino with this display, there is not a lot of informations on how to do it on the internet so I was hopping someone had the answer.


Well I have no idea what an iLED is, so can you post a link to it?

Well, I thought Arduino would send me a notification when someone would responds but apparently not.. I'm sorry for the time i took to respond I was terribly busy..

So here is the link for ILCD website :

I'm using the evaluation kit.

Unfortunately it seems like the screen isn't used a lot so finding documentation on this product is pretty hard..

Hope someone will know how to program the screen with arduino.

Their is something wrong with that web site, it keeps refreshing the page and sending me back to the start of the page making it almost impossible to use. I did see reference to some documentation but the page kept not being responsive to links. This is on both Safari and Firefox.

Where did you get one of these displays and what size is it?