ili9340 + Arduino VT100 Text Terminal Emulator

This project demonstrates how to implement vt100 terminal commands using a setup that consists of an arduino pro mini and an ili9340 graphical tft display. The display connects through spi. The arduino RX pin serves as input for sending text to the display.

Here I connect the arduino to an Olinuxino board and display the console stream coming out of it's serial console as the olinuxino board boots into Arch linux:

Commands such as ESC[1;1H can be used to set cursor position. Colors can be set for background and foreground. Scrolling regions can be defined using ESC[top;bottom r command.


For full list of supported commands and source code go here:

Well done, can you rotate the display 90° ?

I have to say - very good - just spotted this - and the main reason I think it is very good is SPEED - most implementations of scrolling are useless. I've moved this into the Arduino IDE and made some changes as I'm not comfortable with the command line version. I've implemented the LEDs command and will add serial speed setting shortly. Great start - thanks - this is going to end up as a nice monitoring terminal.