illumino: turn your brainwaves into light!

This summer I worked on hacking brain toys to create my own fun single-electrode EEG device. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but either what I found on the market wasn’t open source (I had my own ideas I wanted to implement so this wasn’t an option), or it wasn’t affordable enough. Anyway I wanted a cheap EEG device that no one could guess I was wearing. Hence the beanie hat.

I used Neurosky’s ThinkGear™ PCB for the processing of the brain signal, and connected it to an TinyLily Arduino. To make it artistically creative and interactive, I added RGB LEDs inside a white pompom, so the wearer can visualize their brain activity in real-time as colorful light. All electronics are hidden, so it looks and feels like just a comfy beanie. Colors and brightness of the LEDs are manually selectable/adjustable with a pushbutton switch.

Thought I’d share the tutorial here: Instructables tutorial:
There´s room for a lot of improvements. At the moment I’m working on using it for visual/audio artistic installations, and playing around with adding some of Adafruit’s other sensors. Feedback and suggestions for improvement would be great! I’d like to know what more hackers&makers think of it.