Importing CuriePME.h

Hi, I am somewhat confused by the instructions on getting CuriePME.h into my sketch while using the web Arduino Create, can someone give a simple soul like blow-by-blow instructions as to the following?


To use the DrawingInTheAir example, first clone the Pattern-Matching-Engine-Technology GitHub*

$ git clone
Store the content of the repository under CODK-A/arc/libraries or under CODK-M/arc/libraries.

Open the Makefile of the DrawingInTheAir example and check that the paths to the three library files Arduino.h, CurieIMU.h and CuriePME.h are correct

LIBDIRs = $(ARDUINOSW_DIR)/libraries/Intel-Pattern-Matching-Technology/src
From within the CODK-A directory, or the CODK-M directory, check your serial device name:

$ dmesg | grep tty
Open Cutecom in a different window, update the serial port name in Cutecom if needed, as illustrated in Connecting and Verifying the Board Proof of Life

$ cutecom &
In the terminal window, run the following command to convert the DrawingInTheAir.ino sketch to a C++ file and build the application:

$ export CODK_DIR=$(pwd)
$ cd $CODK_DIR/arc/libraries/Intel-Pattern-Matching-Technology/examples/DrawingInTheAir
$ make convert-sketch SKETCH=DrawingInTheAir.ino
$ make compile
$ make upload SERIAL_PORT=/dev/ttyACM0
Go to the Cutecom window, wait for a few seconds and click on the Open device button. You should see the conversions running:

Hex string to ASCII characters conversion running in Cutecom

For the library its a simple matter of just importing it into CREATE. (tried and tested OK)

However those instructions are directory specific for some things and you cannot set directories from within CREATE.

For your particular use you may want to revert to the regular desktop IDE as it will allow you to use and set things as per the instructions.

Hi, Many thanks, I will do as you say.