INA226 voltage/current sensor board, how to measure supply voltage

Hi All

I did a search of the forum but could not find an answer.

A simple question, I want to use this board to monitor the battery voltage of the battery supplying the arduino and this board itself, I don`t want to measure anything external.

This is for a solar weather station, I need to monitor the actual supply voltage powering the whole setup.

Is this even possible?, I see no reason why not, just not sure how to go about it.

Cheers for any advice


Is this even possible?


Have a look at voltage dividers - the idea being to divide the voltage down to a range the analog inputs on the Arduino can handle

But ...... if this is a high voltage , you may also need protection for the input in the case of faults . Safety could be an issue too

The INA226 is a current AND voltage measuring chip.
If the current shunt is high-side, then the chip also knows that supply voltage.

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