Including Arduino Zero bootloader in Atmel Studio 7

I hope somebody can give me a bit of an introduction to the subject. Tried a few variations, but kept breaking the entire solution.

I think the first steps are;

  • Grab a copy of ArduinoCore-samd from github
  • Create new project in Atmel Studio 7 from Arduino Sketch -> blink.ino
  • This adds Blink as a project as well as ArduinoCore
  • Solution -> Add -> Existing project...
  • ArduinoCore-samd/bootloaders/zero/samd21_sam_ba.cproj

At this point the solution still builds but it effectively ignores the added project. How do I instruct the linker to properly include the bootloader, so I can use the debugger within the bootloader while also running my own arduino sketch?