Increase Range of RF Link Transmitter and Receiver - 434MHz


I want to use the 434MHz transmitter and receivers from sparkfun:

I have found out that I can increase the range of them by increasing the voltage and adding an antenna.
I had found one article where just a wire was added as an antenna.
I have also found articles for build antennas for 5.8GHz and so on, but they all had these male and female connectors.
How can I add a better antenna to my modules? Could I just recalculate the wavelength and rebuild the antennas for e.g. 5.8GHz devices, but how do I connect the modules I have to the female or male connectors. Or can I leave them out and connect GND to GND and the other to my antenna pin?

I have just found the one article:

which is about building a cloverleaf antenna, and it is also said that GND and signal is connected so to speak a short circuit, could I just put this into my antenna pin if I use the right math calculations?
But how then I do the receiver as these antennas are not really used for receivers?

I am looking forward to ehar from you.

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I got quite good results using 433MHz remotes by just adding a simple 1/4 wavelength antenna, both at the transmitter and receiver end.

For 433 MHz a 1/4 wavelength would be 17cm of solid wire, positioned vertical.

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thanks for your quick anwser.
I may want to rebuild this:

So when I rebuild the antenna from the video, can I just put the antenna into the antenna pin and just the antenna, so just this antenna "cable"?

Could you tell me if the calculation I have found is right:
wavelength in cm = 30,000 / frequency in MHz