information on sample codes using wave shield and two tactile push buttons

Hi there, I am rather new to arduino. I have started from scratch beginning with going through the example tutorials given in the learning section of the website. I am using an arduino Uno and I have purchased a wave shield kit. Built and soldered (very impressed with myself). I have installed the WaveHC library and my wave shield is playing the daphc code example perfectly. Now I want to go to the next level where I use a push button to turn on an play a sound file. At this point I don't want to complicate things using my own sound files, but use the same Do Re Mi wav file from ladyada. However, I am not sure how to write the sketch combining the daphc with the button sketch from the examples. I have built a simple push button circuit where one leg of button goes to pin 13 (through a 10K resistor) on wave shield, and then have ground and vin from wave shield going to two other legs of button. All this seems to do, when using daphc sketch, is reset the wave file to the beginning. I have honestly looked online to find other examples, or information. I do know codes are out there, but they seem to be a little too advanced for my level of expertise. If someone could point me in the right direction? I know this is probably a simple question, but I feel as though I am going around in circles and not getting anywhere. ta!

I do know codes are out there

But your code isn't here