Infrared Obstacle Sensor Gets Random Interference - How to fix

Hi there, I have 1 infrared obstacle sensor. It works fine in my bedroom but when I move it into the kitchen, the sensor becomes triggered when there's nothing in front of it. It's only a single sensor so it shouldn't be interfering. What could be causing this. I am taking my project to a science fair at the library and I am worried that it will not work at the library. What are possible sources of infrared interference in a library or in a room. The sensor works fine when it's in my bedroom.

If I can't fix the problem with the infrared. Then what other on/off obstacle sensors are there. I already tried ultrasonic and it isn't good enough for my use. It doesn't have to be a distance measuring sensor. I just need on/off. With range of 30cm


What are the differences in lighting between the bedroom and the kitchen?
Daylight? Incandescent? Fluorescent? LED?

My room has LEDs kitchen has the long tube ones.

Which ones will be a problem?

What if sunlight comes in through the windows at the science fair?

What other obstacle detecting sensors are there?