Infrared sensor (2pins)

I need some help decoding some TV IR signals to a IR sensor. I have a 2 pin one. It looks like a darkened led diode.All other tutorials tell me to use a 3 pin one. I also have a coil choker made for IR sensors.

ll other tutorials tell me to use a 3 pin one

There is a reason for that.
You can't use that device to decode IR remote signals. You may be able to sense the presence of an IR signal, but you can not decode the signal. The 3 pin devices have an phototransistor, amplifier, demodulator and decoder build into them. That is probably just a phototransistor.

Is it possible to make it demodulate via arduino?
or make it do something when there is a certain button press of a TV remote?
I also have my own IR transmitter. Could i do something with it and pwm pins?