Input impedance on the ADC pins ?

I'm currrently working on a project using the MKRWAN1300, and I nedd to know the input impedance of the analog pins ? is there who knows where can I find this ?

Thanks !

According to the SAMD21 datasheet (page 991, table 37-15: Normal I/O pins characteristics), the resistance is typically 40(+/- 20) kΩ.

Not sure if this is the information you’re looking for. This is the pin resistance using internal Pull-up or Pull-down (RPULL).


Thanks for your reply,
After verifying the datasheet you referred me too, I found out that the input resistance of the ADC is only 3.5 KΩ wich is very small :/. Wich is also normal, because the value of the resistance will impact the time that the sampling capacitor will take to be charged !
However thanks a lot for your help ! :slight_smile:

ADC arduino mkr.PNG