integration of industrial sensors (ultrasonic) in Arduino

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I have a question, I hope you can help me.

I need to measure the level and flow of a river, by wsn with Arduino and zigbee, but in order to make these measurements, I need industrial sensors (ultrasonic), my question is, if I can get the signals from these ultrasonic sensors can integrate them to Arduino nodes, because the feed would do it with solar panels.
I donot if it may or may not include this type of sensors to Arduino nodes.if is that if you can that sensors me may recommend.

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The arduino can cope with any such data a sensor can throw at it. You might need to apply some electronics to the signal to get them into the 0 to 5V range that the arduino can handle but that applies to any processor.

that is, that if I can integrate??
I had thought is to use an ultrasonic sensor which feed will be apart of the node by a solar panel, which I understand is not as integrated, or attached cables ultrasonic sensor module to the arduino
another question, according to what you're saying I can use any type of ultrasonic sensor??

You need to first find out what sensor you want to use.
Yes in principle you can use any sort of sensor but industrial sensors are normally expensive.
However how are you going to ensure that the sensor you get will measure the thing you want to measure.
You need to have a specification as to how accurate you want to make your measurements.
You will not measure height and flow with the same sensor. Flow is a very difficult thing to measures in arrived because it changes depending on where in the river you measure it.

I wonder if I can use an ultrasonic sensor industry, something like shown in the link C3% B3n_de_nivel_Ultrasonidos_VEGASON63.htm
do you think you can achieve the above said with arduino? ?

No idea, bad link.


Yes that has a current loop output, you can interface that with an arduino. See:-,188067.0.html

How deep/wide is the river? could you setup a parshall flume to measure the flow? You could use an inexpensive measure tape in lieu of an ultrasonic sensor if we are talking about small amounts (under 20cm of rise in the flume)

I mention that 20cm limit as has an inexpensive level tape that can be setup as a variable resisitor. Max voltaje is 10v. See this specification data sheet: