Interactive Display

G’Day All,

Very new to the Arduino world. My electronics experience so far is limited to 4060 and 555 timing circuits.

I’m looking at a project for scale model display. It involves a 555 timing circuit, audio files and electronic motor.

Part 1. I want to have several buttons that play audio files, when pressed - randomly or specifically - I’m not concerned either way. I think a Greeting Card arrangement would be the way to go - these things have multiple buttons/functions suited to that purpose.

Part 2. I want a button, that will;
a. play a specific audio file for 5 seconds.
b. after 5 seconds, turn on the motor, the 555 timing circuit and play another sound file of about 30 seconds.
c. switch everything off and wait for the button to be pressed again

The second part is the challenge. Can Arduino handle this ?
If it can handle to entire project even better.

At present, everything is like a foreign language.

Any help appreciated.



Hi, and welcome to the forum. Like most beginners you want to skip part#0. The basics. That could lead to frustration further down the track. Start with some of the examples that come with the IDE. Learn how connect a button and flash a LED. Soon you will learn how to write a basic program yourself. Arduino can do whatever is on that list, and much more. Leo..