interface sensor with arduino w/o standard library?

how can i do the above?
How can i create my own library?
Help would be appreciated.

Thank u

how can i do the above?

For what sensor.

How can i create my own library?

There are many tutorials on creating Arduino libraries that will show up with a Google search.

Your questions are so general that answers must be as well.

To learn how to interface with a sensor you would read the sensor's datasheet. Often they will describe how to connect the sensor to a microcomputer and how to send and receive data.

To write a library you would typically design a C++ object to represent the sensor, declare it in a .h file and define the functions in a .cpp file. Put them in a folder of the same name under 'libraries' in your sketch folder.

thank u .. i will look into it..:slight_smile:

You do not normally need to create a library just to access a sensor. Whether or not to put the code in a library is a separate decision.