Interfacing Arduino Micro with Serial Object in VB

I have a VB program that I am using to track RFID data that I am reading with a HID reader and an Arduino. I was originally using an Arduino Uno along with the basic Serial object in VB. That combination was working just fine. Now, I am attempting to switch to using an Arduino Micro instead of an Uno to save space. I am running the exact same VB and Arduino code, however now my Serial.DataReceived method in my VB code does not work anymore.

Are there any differences anyone knows about between the Micro and Uno that would cause this issue. I can still read the serial output just fine on either the Uno or the Micro through putty and python. It's just VB that is being weird.

Is it a "genuine" Arduino Micro or a clone?

The Micro uses the Atmega 32U4 which has a different way of creating the USB connection. For example, unlike the Uno, it won't reset when the PC opens the Serial port.

If you want to force a reset open the Serial port at 1200 baud and close it again. Then, after allowing time for the reset and for the USB connection to re-make, you can open the serial port at the normal baud rate.

I suggest writing a short program for the Micro so that you can experiment to find the best system.

It may be worth checking whether it is necessary for the PC program to assert DSR/DTR/CTS/RTS - I can never remember which is which.