INterfacing Arduino with a USB output

I want to interface an Arduino with a receiver from a wireless mouse. I plan to use the mouse to measure fabric movement As the fabric is moved under the mouse, the output will be used to measure the distance moved by the fabric.I am looking for a schematic of the output of the wireless mouse receiver and suggestions for interpreting the signal output of the receiver. I will be using the output from the optical mouse sensors as the motion sensor.

You might be successful using the USB Host Shield What has the Arduino to do with the data it receives from the mouse?

Are you satisfied that a mouse will do the job reliably? I would be concerned that it would not work well on a rough and stretchy surface and that it would clog up with fluff. They are never used over long distances when doing their normal work attached to a PC and it doesn't matter if they lose position.

Personally I would be inclined to use a fairly large (50mm +) wheel and some means to detect its rotation. For example you could easily make a card disk with black and white stripes that would be detected by a photodiode. The output could be directly sampled by the Arduino with no need to figure out USB - and saving the cost of a USB shield.