Interfacing with a laser mouse

Hello, so this is my first post and im new to the forum so thank you for your help.

ok well i have a laser mouse with an "a7050" optical sensor chip and im trying to attach that to my arduino and ultimatly alow it to send comands to a python code with will move the onscreen mouse (if there is a simpler way not useing python plz let me know)

now i was able to find this which looks like it would work but idk what i need to do to tweek the library and code to work with what i have..... all the chips it is desined for are for optical mouses and mine is a laser mouse (not sure if that will be a problem or not) but the givent example are all for chips with one line of serial communication (SDIO) and the chip i have uses MISO and MOSI.

basicly what im asking is how can i either edit the given library to make it work with my mouse or create my own so i can output x and y coordinates of the mouse..... i have experience with using the arduino for robotics and some serial communication but i have never used it to communicate with another device unless i had a premade library.

im sorry if that was a bit hard to follow. thank you for your helps.


Hello. Maybe I didn't understand something, but if what you want is only receive the movement signal from the mouse, you don't have to dare with the internal technology in the mouse, you don't care about laser, optical or ball mouse. The PS/2 protocol which comes out from the mouse is the same for every kind of mouse. It is the electronics inside the mouse the responsible to translate the specific movement detection method to the standard ps/2 protocol.

Regards. Eduardo

ya i have done something like that with a ps/2 mouse but the one i am hoping to use is a wireless usb mouse.

There are inexpensive converters such as this one that will convert a USB mouse (or keyboard) to a PS/2 one.

i dont need a converter i need a way to attach the arduino directly to the controller or optical sensor on the mouse… the whole point of me doing this is so i can use an old mouse again because the wireless receiver was broken so i decided to make a project out of it…

I don't want to discourage you in your project, but I woluld rather buy a new ps/2 mouse (real cheap, even free from some friend) better than dealing with the signals inside a specific mouse. The day your mouse dies for some reason, you will have to buy a new mouse with incompatible internal signal, for sure.

And besides, mice usually have a single chip with all the functions inside, so its quite probable the chip you will find will have the laser motion detector in the bottom, and the output for the wireless antenna, so there is no chance for you to intercept the signal in the middle.

Regards. Eduardo

where is the fun in that -_- lol

and i know where i need to connect it to intercept the signal its just that idk how to read or interpret that