Interfacing honeywell board mount pressure sensor with Nano

Hi guys, first post here. I have an Arduino nano and I wanted to interface it with honeywell board mount pressure sensor NBPDANN030PGUNV. I have attached the website as well as the data sheet. I am very confused as to what signal output this sensor is giving and how do I read it with arduino.



The output according to the data sheet is 21mV/V nominal. So at full scale input (30 PSIG) the output will be 21 mV times the excitation (sensor supply) voltage. With 5V excitation the full scale output voltage will be 0.105V nominal.

To read the sensor you will need to amplify the signal to a level that the Arduino ADC can handle. That is 1.1V, 2.56V, 3.3V, 5V internal reference (depending on the processor) or, using the external reference, a reference voltage of your choice. See the analog reference.

The sensor will require calibration to be accurate.

Hi, thank you for your reply. Now that I know I require some sort of OP amp and reference it to 1.1v, what kind of OP amp should I use? Can you give me some pointers? Thanks!

Sorry, I have no expertise in that area. I am sure that someone will have suggestions. Or Google "Arduino instrumentation amp" to see what others have used.

You can get sensors amplified and compensated with analog or I2C / SPI serial outputs, not cheap though.

I saw this one that have a max mV/V range of 5.05 to 5.45. By injecting 9V the max voltage range is 45.45mV and 49.05mV and if I reference it to 1.1V the signal will be 0 - ~(42.27 - 45.62). Do you guys think this resolution is enough? The project I am doing is a air collection unit where outside air will be pumped into a bag due to the negative pressure of the air tight case and the presure sensor will be to record the PSI inside the bag to know when to stop.

Nvm guys I found a sensor with a built in amplifier with output of 0.5V-4.5V selling for a decent price. Will just use this and connect signal output to Nano and map it. Thanks everyone :smiley: