interfacing Ipod screen (320x240)

I just broke my Ipod but the display is still fonctional. I'd like to interface the screen (lcd) with my Arduino. Is it possible? Any help will be appreciated.

regards, AB

I doubt the Arduino would be fast enough to keep up the refresh rate to display the screen:

Apparently it can be done in some fashion, but the fact that it needs so many control pins alone rules out the Arduino; maybe a Mega could do it?

maybe a Mega could do it?

Nice catch on that “iPod hacking” site. I see a refresh rate of 47Hz listed there. 320 x 240 x 47 = 3.6 million pixels/second.

This looks like one of those “webserver on an 8-pin PIC” projects: it may be theoretically possible, but, if you have to ask, you’re probably not geeky enough to pull it off.