is it possible to connect an ipod lcd to arduino??

hi i have an ipod video in the garbage... so i want to recycle some parts example the lcd screen the screen its working very well but colud it be possible to connect it to an arduino board??

You need to find a datasheet of the screen …

At a guess I would say no. The ipod uses a much more powerful processor than the arduino and I guess this has a built in LCD graphics driver.

yes ive seen that u need at least arduino mega and 34 pins to get the ipod lcd to work......... thanks

It would be good if you could us ipod screen but it's more effort than it's worth, i've bought this and it's workinig on my mega right now, it has a 16 bit data bus but you could use it on a Duemilanove if you used a latch for the upper 8 bits, i also have coming this which even comes with a breadboard adapter, better still, an arduino library is available, so i cannot wait for this to arrive