Interfacing Neo6m GPS, Sim900A GSM and fingerprint sensor with Uno

I wish to do a project "women safety alert system". I need to power the device on using a button and then I wish to capture a fingerprint of the person with R307 fingerprint sensor and send an alert "fingerprint captured" using Sim900 gsm module in setup phase. In the loop phase, the person needs to give her fingerprint for verification every 1 min to ensure the device that she is safe. If the person fails to give her fingerprint for 3min, then we send her location coordinates(using Neo6m gps module) to her family members using sim900a gsm module and then power off the device.

I want to know the feasibility regarding Interfacing all the components with Arduino Uno and also Can anyone help me with the code for this project ???

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yeah but this is a project assigned to me by one of our faculty and He asked me to do this immediately without speaking a word. Please help me if possible

Atleast someone help me how to connect R307 fingerprint sensor module to Arduino (It has 6 pins, 5V,GND,TX,RX,Touch Sense, Touch Sense power 3.3v). I have tried connecting it in the same way as adafruit sensor which has only 4 pins leaving 5th and 6th pin but it didn’t work well for me. Please help me with a circuit diagram or else suggest me a good fingerprint sensor at low cost which can be easily interfaced with Arduino Uno.

Is it feasible? Yes. Just google
“uno send gps via gsm”. Loads of example projects.
Here is one example

For the sensor again google examples of people connecting to Uno. Here is an example

Thank you , I have completed GPS and GSM part whereas I am facing a lot of trouble with fingerprint sensor. I have connected it and tried to run enroll example from adafruit fingerprint sensor library. I have given my fingerprint two times to enroll but it is getting a msg that fingerprints don't match during template creation. My hands were clean. Is it related to the usage of optical fingerprint sensor in anyway???? Can anyone suggest me a good fingerprint sensor with easy interfacing?? Also should I use any other type of sensor for better performance ??( like capacitive sensors replacing this optical one)