Interfacing NodeMCU to mobile phone via an app

Hello Beautiful people!
to keep concise and save your time,
1)NodeMCU with noise sensor/mic

-> when it detects noise, it sends info to mobile phone, either via internet,or direct wifi
-> mobile phone raises an alarm in response

I have no idea how to do software thing, tried Blynk, but i guess it hasnt what i need....
Could someone please guide me as to how do we coordinate our hardware with mobile software....

languages am comfy with
c++ and python
thanks for making this far

Bluetooth communication b/w an MCU and Android phone is not hard to achieve. Many tutorials and apps to guide you.

Max range is about 10m.

thanks jpom for your reply
am using nodeMCU with esp8266, so wifi, not bluetooth............
anyways, can you please name a few .....also considering , alarm which runs when microcontroller tells it to do so............i cant find anything like that!!!!

MQTT (which Blynk uses) can do exactly what you appear to want: relay messages between your phone and your NodeMCU. What makes you think it doesn't do what you want?

MIT App Inventor is useful to guide you in building apps. There are many bluetooth examples on offer so I expect there wud also be wifi examples to use or take guidance from.

thanks everyone for such prompting replies .....
i just used this app from play store, not sure if i need it.......

also, i havent seen MIT app yet, i will just see it and say how it went.....while i do that can someone, suggest me if the app i mentioned above is what i need, for it seemed easy for me, but cant figure out how would i use it with my nodeMCU code.

I'm just finishing up an app in AppInventor.

My experience: easy to build really really simple apps; the moment you need any complexity it's a hell.

No way to place comments with your blocks, no search function, no indication of which block throws an error when it goes wrong. Very, very hard to debug anything beyond very simple. This is what the main screen of my app looks like - it's nothing more than a UI that displays information from the main project, and can send back commands to that project.

It's getting too complex for this block system, fast!
I don't regret doing this app in AI (as now I finally know what that is about), but I do know that next time I'm going back to Android Studio. It's simply much less painful. Or maybe even simply connect a 7-9" touch screen to the project directly... probably less work.