Internet Controlled Rover.

I want to create an internet controlled rover using Arduino, but i'm not sure which parts do i need, and since obtaining an Arduino from my country of residence is a bit of hassle i thought i just may ask here first before ordering all of the parts to be shipped here.

Back to the rover. First of all i want to make the rover internet controlled by using a GSM shield, but as far as i read the GSM Shield on the official Arduino page states that the GPRS module has a downlink / Uplink of 85.6 kbps, and i want it to be controlled through long distances where there are cellular data reception.

  • What do i need to provide the rover with only 1 SIM card with GPRS connection and video feedback ? And is it EVEN possible ?
  • If the above is not possible, what about WiFi ? Can i bridge two WiFi routers and control the rover ? And how ?

I really need advice from you guys, and i hope you already understood me.

Thanks in advance.

Have you figured out how you will be able to connect to the bot from the internet using a cell phone system?

No to be honest, since i haven’t got any GPRS shield in my hand to test out.

I don't think I've seen anybody being able to run a server accessible from the outside on a cell phone system. You may want to do some research before you spend the $$$.

What about WiFi ?

What about WiFi ?

If you can get an Ethernet shield and a wireless router, then the below might be an easy setup.