Introducing: Arduino compatible IDE for Chromebook and ChromeOS

Earlier this week, I had great success writing an avrdude clone (It is called AVRChick in the Chrome Store). This was cool, it flashes Arduinos with hex files over USB serial, but it didn't solve the problem: I want to write Arduino sketches on my reasonably powerful $150 laptop. It also runs on any computer with a Chrome browser with zero install. Thats nice too.

So here it is: the first version of an Arduino compatible IDE that can compile and upload your sketches over USB to your Arduino (most likely an Arduino Uno or 328 based board). It also has a terminal.

Chromeduino can be found here: ChromeDuino - Chrome Web Store

I will be honest here. This is a major undertaking and the implementation is limited. It will take a bit of time to catch up. There is no library support and you can't do includes, and a few other minor things...but this should only be a few updates away.

THANK YOU ! ! ! !
Like many I was disappointed this summer to learn my new chromebook did not support Arduino, especially for my young friend Little Kenny learning programming. I found you, and it works like a champ, first try. Chromeduino will make Little Kenny's Christmas!

Most of my own projects require and/or are developing libraries, so please keep up your MityFine work. Is there some way I can send you a libation or remuneration to incentivise your labors?

Yes tell us how we can show our thanks and make it worth your while!!