Introducing new Arduino Uno/Mega firmware that supports Keyboard/Gamepad/more

Hi guys! I just finished the Beta of my new Arduino firmware. It supports Keyboard/Mouse/gamepads and more.

Whats new? You can still upload sketches to the Uno/Mega without reflashing.

Instructions on github/blog. Please read carefully. Its not that hard, you just need to read the instructions carefully and all your questions are answered. Please give me feedback and report bugs.

Some more dokumentation will follow if people like the idea. This firmware can replace the normal uno/mega firmware, there is no disadvantage!

Have fun! NicoHood

Seems like a good idea.

Beats having to solder a 10k ohm resistor to your new board just to get some firmware loaded onto it!

Yikes someone dropped the ball on that.

Most other platforms have HID built in no? (Teensy, etc.)

How do I load your firmware? onto my UNO?



No need to solder any resistor for an Uno R3. All you need is an usb cable and read the readme carefully. its all in there, i put hours of work in it so its as clear as it could be!

The Leonardo implementation is crap and the teensy has not so many ram. and its not an Arduino :P use it if you like it. There are currently some bugs in 1_7_2, so please try 1_5 for now. I am working on that.