PC Gaming Application?

I stumbled upon this thread where someone used a teensy board to emulate a few keyboard keys, and ended up making a pretty awesome custom gamepad for Elite: Dangerous. Any idea if I could make my Uno or maybe another arduino do the same or similar job? I realize I might need to manipulate the firmware but I'm not sure how to really get the job done as a whole.

Reddit Post: here

The Arduino Micro has native support for HID keyboard/mouse and with some extra coding also Joystick. Other way is to reprogram the USB/Serial converter so it looks like a HID keyboard to the PC. I would suggest sticking with the Micro or the Teensy though as programming the UNO/MEGA chips is not for the faint hearted and you will need some hardware to program them with.

Ah! Thank you, with as many models of Arduino as there are, I didn't know that one existed let alone it's functionality. That would be perfect for this, especially seeings how I only need to emulate certain keys.