Invisible dog fence system

Hi people I'm new to the Arduino world and this is my very first project, so please bear with me XD. I've been trying to build a sensor that can detect the electro-magnetic frequencies emitted by invisible dog fences. I've found tutorials on how to build EMF detectors and, so far, the one I've built is only able to detect the WiFi router from very up close.

Should I build a more sensitive EMF detector? If so, how should I make it more sensitive? If not what could I use? Thank you in advance!

You need a loop antenna tuned the the frequency of the dog fence transmitter (usually very low, in the kiloHertz range), possibly an amplifier and a detector.

Look up "crystal radio circuits" for some ideas. This is not an Arduino project.

Two posts today for [u]invisible[/u] dogs! They must have been Christmas presents!?

Why not measure the frequency more directly so you know where to start? Do you have a meter with frequency reading on it?

I found this: "An invisible pet fence is a loop of wire barely underground, reportedly broadcasting at 10.65kHz." And this: "Note the frequency the switch is set at, usually 7K or 10K." And these guys says it's an FM encoded signal


I found this floowing the link provided by crossroads:

FastReact® - 1/8th of a second reaction time.

Our Pet Barrier receiver collars reacts within 1/8th of a second, faster than your dog trying to sprint through the boundary wires. The difference between your dog’s safety and a visit to the vet is the reaction time of the receiver collars when they receive the signal from the boundary wire and giving the correction to stop them from escaping.

I guess, but could find no other information, that the "correction" is a few thousand volts delivered from the dog's collar.