IOT outsourcing


We are IOT company located in Viet Nam.

We do alot of project for smart home device, smart agriculture, smart factory...

We have alot of experience in working with sensor, relay, control system, data colection...

We can programming for hardware and software, hardware design and manufacture.

We have a platform that ready for data colection and monitoring.

We hope can working together with you in long term to development your project as outsourcing service.

Please contact to me by gmail or skype quangduc191 or What app +84987888620 Thanks.

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Very Nice:

I am interest in what you have to offer for the following:

Using IOT with Arduino (and other tools), I want to create a feedback control of some items (motor via vlecity or position control) which has graphical output to be viewed.

It can be an elevator on an model airplane or the pitch of the plan, or drone related. The most important thing is that I want to show that a aspects of a feedback control system (Linear of course) so showing the response is good. Image we used a legoStorm Robots to do something, but we can see how the robot overshoots or undershoots its position of velocity.

Be imagainative and do not let me lock you down with the above.

Best, Dimitri