IP cam and Arduino

i want to ask, how can i connect the ip cam to arduino mega and control her servo motor with it,
thank you.

What camera are you planning to use?

Via the PC!


and how i control it with a pc, it have a software that i can control it through the computer but i want to control it from arduino according to sensors input i want it to turn to a specific point

You haven't said, but I assume you have a steerable IP camera that can be viewed and controlled from a PC. Most likely the UI consists of a web app hosted on the camera, although you haven't said that either. You need to understand how the camera is controlled by the client. It is probably controlled by HTTP transactions. You could view these transactions by using Wireshark or similar to monitor the network traffic between your PC and the IP cam while you control it. If you're familiar with HTML you may also be able to work it out from the page source. It will probably be a simple protocol which you could easily generate yourself. You have the choice of putting a network interface on the Arduino and doing everything on the Arduino, or just using the Arduino to feed sensor inputs to an application on the PC which drives the camera. Doing it on the PC would be easier IMO, but if you want this to be a self-contained standalone solution then you'd need to do it on the Arduino.

i will buy a wifi shield and make a new webpage that control the ip cam, i have knowledge with html, if i see the View Source of the ip cam app on my pc can i try to use it the webserver code, tell me if that true.
thanks for your reply

check this video, I have like 20 ip cameras (FOSCAM) so I decided to make an interface to controll the cameras, i'm using the arduino uno r3 (atmega328) and ethernet shield to send commands through lan

can you give me links and codes for help. and how did you know the url command of each button of the ip cam web browser
i have WiFi shield and arduino mega, i appreciate any help.


this works with the arduino ethernet shield, arduino uno r3, lcd display 16x2 to show camera alias and ip if exists, 2 buttons to set the ip up or down and the stick, there are many ip cameras, I only use Foscam FI8918W http://foscam.es/FI8918W/, this is the manual for foscam cameras Soluciones Foscam, I don't know if these commands work with other ip cameras from other manufacturers

this is the link of the code

I hope this is useful for you!!!

sorry about my english, I am from mexico.

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