Ipod Touch controls Arduino Nano which ctrls LEDs

This is a simple little project I put together.

Basically I bought an LED light strip from Ikea. This Light strip only had power ON or OFF. Since it was extremely bright when on I decided built a little circuit that allowed me to fade the light by using PWM. The Arduino sends the PWM Pulse to the board which then causes the LEDs to dim (fade). Once this was completed I decided to build a web interface so I can control these LED's from any web based device.

This is how the solution works:

LEDs -> Circuit board (PWM's the power to LEDs) -> Arduino PWM -> USB PC -> SerialProxy (translates TCP data to com port) -> Web Service (wraps communication to SerialProxy) -> Web UI -> Ipod/PC/Web Based.

I posted a YouTube video demonstrating this:


Any questions please feel free to ask :).


That's pretty smooth, mate! 8-) Reminds me that I have 2 ultrabright ledbars and an Arduino at home, heh. No internet yet though, and simply controlling leds from my computer isn't all that cool.. ::)

Have you though about adding a pulse function? Like, instead of just sending the brightnessvalue to the Arduino you could have a slightly more advanced protocol like

B0-255 -for setting brightness P0-255 -for setting speed of pulsing

Just for flashyness =P

Actually the protocol I built on the Arduino can easily handle the speed. But in reality I wasn't looking for that...

There are some things that I didn't demonstrate on the video. One thing is that I wanted the LED to only turn on when it got dark. So I added a Photocell which measures the light level. The PC where the web service sits has a scheduled tasked that tells the Arduino to start measuring light levels at 6.00 PM, then if the light falls underneath a level, turn the LEDs on. Then using the same interface I tell the LED's to turn off at a certain time (10.30 PM weekdays - 11.00 PM weekends). Of course all of this is overwriteable with the Ipod/any web interface.

Second thing is that it is also used the measure the temperature in the room. Not that I am using it for anything other than writing it to a DB.


Very nice! :D And welcome to the forum by the way, hehe.