IR arduino breadboard circuit HELP

I'm trying to set up an IR receiver circuit on a breadboard with only a transistor, a resistor, and an IR LED connected to an arduino. Do I need to fix or add anything for it to work?

You didn't supply many details, however if you are trying to receive IR remote control signals a simple IR detector will not be adequate.

Also you said you want a IR receiver, however you mentioned you have an IR LED. LED = Light emitting diode so it might be a transmitter but will not receive any signals.

Perhaps you should expand on your description. You will find as you go along that the saying ".. the devil is in the details...." is very true.

This is a class project and I have access to jumpers, transistors, a two pin IR LED, some resistors,and some other parts I can't even name. Can you tell me what else I need and the possible ways to wire the circuit.

.............. wire the circuit.

I might be able to if I knew what " the circuit" was supposed to do.

Many folks new to the forum who are working on projects that push the limits of their knowledge tend to think we more about what they are doing than the poster. However that is not the case. We may be more knowledgeable about electronics, however we don't know your project nor you goal. These things you must post.

Hope this helps.