I try to control mijn tv (b&o beovision 7) with my arduino (mega 2560).
at firts i bought a ir receiver, but it worked at 40 kHz and the remote for the tv at 455 kHz.
So now i want to try it throught the IR-IN on the back of the tv, i cut of the jack plug of my earbuds but instead of connecting it to a ir receiver like her (DIY: build your own c200 'IR eye' for cheap - Printable Version), i want to connect it to the arduino.

can someone tell me how to do this?

I'm a beginner

Warning - I am not an expert in IR, I use (USB-UIRT) to control IR input / output from a PC. That said, if it were me, I would put the jack on the TV first and assure I know the power, ground and data pins my measuring voltage using a multimeter. I would then connect a jumper cable from the ground wire to the ground on the arduino and a jumper from the data wire to the pin you plan to use to control the IR signal with on the arduino. The 5v wire seems (from logic) to be a 5v output from the TV to control the IR receiver. In this case you have no receiver - so that pin connects to nothing.

I may have to ferret out some old IR equipment with an IR port to run some tests. I would be interested in your results and will post mine if able to find some test equipment.

If this is the wrong answer, someone please chime in.

My other question is .. you want to control your TV using the TV remote .. but using the IR input of your TV instead of the standard IR receiver on the TV .. could you explain the end result you are looking for?

Hope this helps and good luck.

Hello Marklar

it seems better and more easy to do it trough the IR-IN.
i hooked it up like you said but now i don't know what to do next.

i can't read the remote control because it works on 455kHz and my ir receiver is 40 kHz.

the USB-UIRT is also max 56KHz but my TV works on 455 KHz that is my problem that is also why i want to use the IR-IN but i don't know how to send the commands.

I have not used IR with arduino yet .. but ...

In the post below, see reply 4, may have code that helps, but you need to know your "remote codes", see below.

When using a normal IR system, I read the IR using one function which provides a string of input from the remote, I'll call this the 'code'. Using those codes, I send the same code back out to the device and it reads it. So without the ability to read codes form your remote, you may have an issue getting this to work. You may be able to find the codes out there for the remote, maybe something like this forum / page.

I found my old IR stuff and nothing had an IR input for repeating .. it does that via RF. None of my monitors or tvs has an IR input, so I can't really test the theory of pushing the same data directly into the IR input that you would normally send via the IR transmitter.

I hope someone else reads this and chimes in that has done more with remotes / your style. You may need to find the right receiver to make this work.