Usb Infrared receiver with arduino

hi fellows i just wanted to share what i made with my arduino this week. In this project i intended to send commands to my laptop computer with an infrared remote controller.I used an old ir receiver that came within video card of my old computer.I also choosed to use its own remote controller to send ir signals.I wrote a very simple code with python which you can add more commands for different ir signals. for videos ,more of photos and codes please visit link below

That's cool. What the "burn mark" also part of your project? ;)

Cool project.

Was that receiver from a Pinnacle PcTv perhaps? Originally with a serial connection to the computer?


yes receiver from a tv card.but its connection wasnt serial. it had a speakerphone jack alike jack with 3 pins

btw demonstration video is here:

(searches through drawers to find the wizzithingy) I was wrong, mine does also have a jack plug.

Thought it was serial. I did find some others with serial connection also...

Did i mention i like this project? :)