IR Shooting Gallery with multiple "guns"

I have a basic idea of what I need in order to accomplish this task...but, being semi-new to Arduino, I was hoping to get some "pro" help/advice.

My goal is to create a carnival type shooting gallery with several targets, three possible shooters and a scoring system.

I would LIKE to be able to put multiple IR sensors on several targets that would register as Arm/Torso/Head shots and each would generate a different score.

These targets will be animatronic, which would activate upon being hit...accompanied by a sound effect.

I will need to incorporate a money system that would offer a game for $X.XX or 3 games for $X.XX.

Is all of this achievable with Arduino setups? And if so, what are some of the components I should look at? I have three Megas and a bunch of the RS485 modules, along with IR emitters/receivers...but, I think that I will be better off creating the guns as if they were remote controls and using pulse codes to let the system know which gun hit which target...allowing for simultaneous firing from all guns...instead of the old quick cycle method.

Do I need a special module to handle information display on an LED screen? Can an Arduino be programmed to activate the playback of video clips?

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated and would save me a lot of time in the Guess and Test department.