IR2110 become hot. why?

Hello to all.
when I connect IR2110 to source, +15v and Ground like below pic, it is hot. Does somebody know why?

Because it is wired wrong... Read the Datasheet.

I have read datasheet , but couldn't understand.
Could you please tell what wrong is.

That is not a schematic, only the device in question, along with the edit you made to connect pin 13 after my post. Now, where is Vdd... and the full schematic?

Below is My full circuit. it is a buck converter and I use Ir2110 as a High Side switch.
Actually My circuit is Okay, but IR2110 after 3 sec is hot.

Schematic Prints.pdf (45.2 KB)

Why are you using such a complex system? Is you ground rail common to the Arduino?

Is that YOUR circuit, or the one you were trying to follow? If you are looking for pointers to your question, you are going to have to post what YOU have, along with the components.

You have no low-side MOSFET in your half-H-bridge, so it cannot work. The low-side MOSFET is
what pulls VS low to charge the bootstrap caps. Without regularly charging the bootstrap cap the
high side driver doesn't have any supply and it cannot turn on the high side FET, or fails to turn it
fully on.

Not sure why its getting hot, that suggests latch-up...

Follow the typical-connection circuit from the datasheet, with two switching devices, and connect both
together to the load so the low-side FET pulls VS low when it switches on.

Thanks everybody.
How about Ir2117 or Ir2125. These are just High side driver.
Is it Okay if I use one of them? I mean the bootstrap cap will charge if I use in my circuit?

Those are just a high side gate driver, ie 1/2 of an IR2110, and require a low-side switching
device to drive their charge pumps.