Iridium SBD Error Return Codes


New programmer here, in fact this is my first post to a forum like this. I'm working on a project that uses Arduino products to send and receive messages through the Iridium satellite. I've found an extremely useful website to help me decipher the error return codes (all error codes are listed here) - IridiumSBD | Arduiniana & have throughly reviewed all Iridium documentation I can get my hands on.

However, I'm still unclear on exactly what error code 3, ISBD_PROTOCOL_ERROR means. Can anyone on this forum please expand on what exactly a Protocol Error is? I continually run into this error when I try to transmit messages, but am not sure where to start my troubleshooting/debugging since I'm not certain what the error means exactly.


This is not an introductory tutorial.
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And ask Google for help. I found potential solution right away.

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Thanks Paul. I saw your response yesterday, made a slight change to my Google search parameters and saw (probably) the same solution.

I think the issue I'm facing is AT timeout related. I appreciate your input.

Yes, that is what I did see.
Good luck,

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